The Volga Maniac, An Unknown ‘Granny Sadist’ Serial Killer Strangles The Elderly

The Volga Maniac is an active unidentified serial killer working in the Russian Federation. This killer’s MO consist of entering the apartments of elderly women (ages 75-90) under the ruse of an apartment maintenance worker and strangling his victims with household items including: a bathrobe, an iron cord, dishtowels, pillow cases, aprons, and etc. Between March 2011 and September 2012 The Volga Maniac has killed 32 victims before abruptly stopping until his return in 2018.

Russian Volga Maniac wanted poster

Recent CCTV footage shows the Volga Maniac before entering the apartments of his victims. In his hand is what appears to be a clipboard of names and addresses of his victims. The elderly women that he chooses to murder all live alone and are all ‘pensioners’ – living on government subsistence programs. High definition video and photos are available of the killer’s facial features, however there has yet to be any arrest or suspect turned in for the crimes.

Volga Killer CCTV in elevator

In 2018, the Volga Maniac made a return and has escalated in his violence. According to Russian cops, the latest murders are “eerily similar” to the 2011-2012 slayings, however this time he is targeting elderly husband and wife couples instead of single females. His latest murders were that of a woman, 68 and her husband, 72 who were strangled and robbed. A few days later he murdered an 82 and 83 year old couple with an axe. Police are now offering a $65,000 reward for his capture. His DNA was left at a crime scene in 2012.

Irina Gaidamachuck

Surprisingly the Volga Maniac may be a ‘copycat killer’ working as Irina Gaidamachuck (Satan in a Skirt) did years earlier when she murdered 17 elderly women in the Ural district. The main difference is that Gaidamachuck posed as a social worker instead of as maintenance. For her crimes she was punished with a 20 year prison sentence.

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  • I think the authorities think he’s from a city is because walking around with a clipboard is pretty common with scammers in cities, especially in Europe. They usually work in pairs, one distracts you by making you think you’re going to sign a petition and the other takes your wallet while you are distracted.

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