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Date of birth – February 27, 1955
Moniker – The Killer Handyman
Characteristics – Rape
Number of victims – 9 – 25
Date of murders – 1979 – 1999
Date of arrest – December 22, 1999
Method of murder – Stabbing

Known victims –
Hazel Scattolon, 52
Monique Gaudreau, 46
Anna Yarnold, 59
Teresa Shanahan, 55
Mary Glen, 50
Suzanne-Marie Bernier, 62
Nicole Raymond, 26
Louise Porpart-Leblanc, 37
Pauline Laplante, 45

Montreal Urban Community police commander Andre Bouchard said “he didn’t; t choose his victims., he would drive around, get the urge, and start looking for windows.’

Description of Anna, 59 – Avid gardener, actress. Neighbors say she bought the white brick house about 5 years ago. Her daughter Sarah said “My mothers best trait would be her ability to have fun and to be spontaneous and get fun out of anything.”
EVIDENCE: The killer’s footprint, victims blood.
EVIDENCE: Partial fingerprint left at the murder scene.
EVIDENCE: Partial fingerprint left at the murder scene.
This is the dresser of Theresa Shanghai, which Fyfe robbed after he stabbed her 32 times on November 19, 1999.
Look closely, the blood droplets are by each of the yellow placards. It was the killer’s blood.
Here’s this asshole at the ATM.
Found during a search warrant of his mother’s home (where he was residing), even though you can’t really see it there is victims blood on these jeans.
Again, ATM.



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Daniel Carrier

He looks like jack nicholson from the witches of eastwick

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