Serial Killer Sadist Gordon Northcott Tortures Little Boys On His Wineville Chicken Ranch

Jonny Llama
  Published on July 22, 2020   

Gordon Stewart Northcott was born in Bladworth, Saskatchewan, Canada to Cyrus George Northcott and Sarah Louise Northcott. Early in his life Gordon's mother developed an obsession with pleasing and protecting her son.

This behavior conditioned young Gordon Northcott to be spoiled and demanding with no appreciation for anyone's needs but his own. When Gordon became a teenager he started an unnatural interest in younger boys no older than ten and after an aggressive pursuit of one boy the family moved from Canada to Los Angeles, California in 1924.

Buying the farm

Despite having no farm experience, Gordon Northcott convinces his parents to purchase an existing chicken ranch in rural California. The 21-year-old pianist expects the project to business venture to be easy, realizing quickly that the daily chores around the farm are insurmountable. Instead of hiring local labors Northcott decides to travel back up to Canada and fetch his nephew Sanford Clark and force him to care for the now numerous chickens.

A Frenzied Sadist

The initial rape of his nephew happened soon after Stewart arrived at the farm and for nearly 2 years Sanford would live in absolute hell with his uncle Gordon. The only times on the farm that Sanford would go unpunished is when his uncle brought other boys to the farm to subject them to the same awful abuses.

Boy after Boy

Weeks would pass before Uncle Stewart would grow tired of his random chained up boys. The California desert provided ample real estate to dispose of his victims remains. Even today noone can be sure of the exact number of human remains were scattered by Gordon Northcott, although estimates have reached as high as the 40's. However what police do know is that several human bone fragments were found after police raided the murder farm.


The "Headless Mexican"

Detectives believe that this victim, whose name is not certain but some sources name Alvin Gothea. Sanford was tasked with disposing of the boy's head, not attached to his body, with a bone fire and to break down the bone fragments with a log.

gordon northcott revealing his murders

Gordon Northcott was found guilty and he hanged for his crimes. Sanford was sentenced to 5 years, serving 23 months total, before joining the Army and fighting in WW2. He was married and lived out his life as normally as he possible could.


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