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Road Rage Or Thrill Kill? The Shocking Murder Of Yancy Noll

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]MURDERED AT A RED LIGHT[/su_highlight]

The murder case of 42-year-old Yancy Noll is more sad than anything else.

A wine-salesman for QFC, Noll was known as a “happy-go-lucky” kind of guy with supportive friends and family.

Yancy Noll and his dog Lola. From all accounts Yancy was a great guy and had a lot of friends and family.

Around 7:45 pm on August 31, 2012, Noll was driving his red Subraru home from work when he crossed path with a killer. Noll would never drive away from that stoplight, he would ultimately die there, shot four times in the head.

The carnage seems almost unreal.

What could someone like Yancy Noll (or anyone for that matter) have done to anger another driver so bad that so many shots were to be fired?

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]I SHOT YANCY NOLL, WHO AM I?[/su_highlight]

Since the murder happened in daylight hours there were plenty of witnesses around who could easily describe to detectives Noll’s shooter.

Crimestoppers ended up releasing this sketch to the public.

The suspect was quickly identified as a 31-year-old man, Dinh Bowman by an unnamed informant described in Bowman’s charging documents.

The sketch shows a remarkable resemblence to Noll’s killer. At least it does in my opinion.

Dinh Bowman photo

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]THE KILLER, A PURE GENIUS[/su_highlight]

Dinh Bowman is a genius.

He attended college at twelve and works in robotic engineering, even owning his own firm, Vague Industries.

Bowman owned an engineering firm called Vague Industries

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]HIDE YOUR ASS[/su_highlight]

Even though Dinh is a “genius” he ultimately couldn’t outsmart the cops and “good old-fashinoned police work”, and was caught in only a few weeks.

He did attempt (half-assed in my opinion) not to get caught though including replacing his passenger window, changing his BMW tires, and spray painting his rims black.

Dinh Bowman’s window glass replaced as shown by new company sticker.
Inside Dinh Bowman’s silver BMW Z4

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]I MISS MY SNUGGLES[/su_highlight]

Dinh Bowman was arrested and him and his wife whisked away to seperate interrogation rooms.

Dinh Bowman’s BMW car being towed away from his home. Notice the newly spray painted black rims.

During the four months in prison when Dinh was awaiting his trial he called hiw wife, Jennifer Palm, a once successful dentist, and communicated with her in what detectives called “baby talk”. Dinh, going by the name ‘Bunny’, would say “I miss my snuggles (his wife) so much”.

The whole thing was super weird. You can see what I mean here.

Snuggles (Jennifer Palm) and Bunny (Dinh Bowman) kissing.


[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]A NEW FACE[/su_highlight]

Dinh Bowman was convicted, thank God, and sentenced by a judge to slightly under 30 years in prison.

Snuggles (Jennifer Palm) did not attend the trial and apparently she’s trying to fly under the radar lately.

Dinh Bowman crying at his sentencing.

In the podcast episode I talk more about Jennifer’s role in helping her husband cover the murder up.

Tell me what you think about all this crazyness below!

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