Porn Star Smashes Man’s Face Using Sledgehammer

Porn Star Smashes Man’s Face Using Sledgehammer

Dennis “Scooter” Abrahamsen had made a lot of enemies. The 41-year-old entrepreneur was well known to police through his tow trucking business for illegally repossessing cars and extorting their owners for payments. He also owned a seedy tattoo shop, but that brought in meager pay, so he began working with known drug dealers and dabbling in prostitution rings.

Dennis J. “Scooter” Abrahamsen. Source.

There were many people who wanted Dennis dead, and most were willing to kill him personally. Revenge murder is one thing, but the way Dennis was actually killed was something different. The killing was too brutal, too much blood, too much violence. Even after his heart stopped beating, specifically after, his head and skull caved in, the violence not only continued, but escalated.

It was apparent that whomever killed Dennis had way more than a simple ‘beef’ with him; this person also had a perverse lust for all the brutality they caused.

May 16, 2010

Dennis was known to throw sex and drug parties at his home in New Port Richey, Florida. Strippers danced and hookers fucked. As long as there was cocaine to be snorted and Roxies (Oxycodone) to be popped, the party would rage on. It was a typical Saturday night for Dennis, at least until he opted for a massage.

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

Dennis’s cousin, Vinnie, had been trying to reach him the next morning on his cell. Vinnie knew about the party and figured that Dennis was still passed out. He decided to stop by. His 911 call arrived minutes after he entered the residence.

Dennis’s living room resembled a slaughterhouse, hard to imagine how so much blood could be expelled from a body, and how someone could be capable of something so heinous. Splattered walls and ceilings, a pool congealed near the fireplace and pooled inside a clothes hamper. Even the ceiling fan blades and its light fixture were spotted red.

The pool of blood where the sledgehammer rested after the murder. Soruce.

And, of course, there was the body. Lying face down, the head of Dennis Abrahamsen, or what used to be the head, was crushed. It was as if Gallager himself had brought his sledgehammer down on a watermelon inside the victim’s home.

Dennis most likely had been asleep when his attacker struck him in the back of his skull, leaving a 3-inch hole. He never knew what hit him, but if he did, he would have known that it was an 18-pound sledgehammer.

A sledgehammer crushed Dennis Abrahamsen’s head in as he slept. Source.

House Calls

Whoever had killed this man had made the detective’s job much easier by leaving Dennis’s phone floating inside the bloody hamper. A simple trace showed that the last text that Dennis had sent was to a phone registered to a Jason Andrews, who had been recently arrested for “shoplifting with a blonde female” two days prior.

The female was ‘allegedly’ an Amanda Logue, a housewife and mother living in Leesburg, Georgia. Seeing that Jason would spend another few nights locked up, detectives loaded their unmarked Buick and drove four hours to see Mrs Logue.

Surely the “blonde woman” couldn’t be Amanda Logue. Her record seemed squeaky clean and her husband was a retired police officer — one of their own.

The doorbell went unanswered and just as the detectives prepared to leave, Amanda Logue and her husband, with her young daughter in tow, pulled into the driveway. They had just returned from church.

Amanda cried as detectives accused her of having part in the murder of Dennis Abrahamsen. She wasn’t the killer they were portraying her to be. There had to be a better explanation. Still, detectives pressed her about her background.

Georgia Peaches

Amanda had had a hard life growing up. Her boyfriend didn’t stay around after he knocked her up and the only person there for her, her mother, died when she was still a teen. Raising a young daughter in the tiny town of Leesburg, Georgia, was nearly impossible. Highschool was no longer an option and Amanda needed support.

The innocent side of Amanda Logue. Source.

The man she met and soon married pitied her at first, and then he began loving her. He treated her right, but Amanda wasn’t a girl who could be figuratively chained inside. She just turned 21, and she knew she had what men wanted.

Within five short years, Amanda, the sweet, small-town Georgia peach, became Sunny Dae, the hardcore porn star, not afraid to take on any role. From Milf Next Door, Amateur Lesbian Lovers, to Southern Bukkake, Sunny Dae was pounding her way to the top of the porn game.

Leaving her husband at home, Sunny Dae was one of the highest paid pornstars at the time, even getting a guest role in the 2009 sequel of Road Trip, the movie.

But following suit with her typical life, tragedy found its way back into Amanda’s story. Receiving the starring role in an upcoming porn satire, Amanda met her match.

It was a match made in Hell.

Natural Porn Killers

It was in New York that Amanda Logue met Jason Andrews, where they were cast together in Natural Porn Killers.

Amanda Logue met Jason Andrews while working together in Natural Porn Killers. Source.

Jason Andrews wasn’t gay, but took roles in gay porn because the payout was five times higher than normal heterosexual roles. He also dropped his Kansas accent and adopted a phony British one, which paired perfectly with his lies of being a killer in the British Special Forces.

But the porn industry didn’t know they were being lied to, or more likely, didn’t care. It’s not like you have to polish your resume to get cast in Backroom Milf #5, anyway.

Amanda considered Jason her boyfriend. Source.

Both Jason and Amanda fed off each other’s toxic personalities, eventually culminating in a drug-filled, sex-addicted lifestyle where they felt unstoppable; even enough to murder.

The couple bounced from here to there, leaving behind cocaine residue and empty bottles of whiskey in hotels across the Southeast. They mapped out their escapades via Twitter post. Detectives would use these social media updates to eventually lock Amanda and Jason tighter inside prison walls.

Sunny Dae’s Twitter page. Source. (still active)

Sunny Daze Ahead

Amanda’s Twitter post put both Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews in New Port Richey on the evening of May 15th, when Dennis Abrahamsen was brutally murdered. Detectives also pulled a classified ad that Amanda, aka “Sunny Dae”, posted on a popular listing website. “I’m the perfect combination of sultry vixen and girl next door. Age 21. Give Sunny Dae a try,” the post read.

Going by ‘Sunny Dae’, Amanda was hired by Dennis Abrahamsen on the night of his murder. Source.

After denying her involvement to detectives for hours and them not buying in, she decided to change up her strategy. She claimed that she was at the party, and she was getting paid for sex work. She also admitted to massaging Dennis on the massage table after the two had sex in his hot tub. It was only then, she explained, that her boyfriend Jason Andrews came into the house, and “in a jealous rage,” began bashing and smashing the victim’s head with a sledgehammer.

What Amanda didn’t know, is that the police had already pulled the transcripts from her Blackberry. She was texting Jason Andrews, who waited in the back of their SUV.

Amanda was not only involved in the murder, she was the catalyst in it. Jason Andrews would later confess, and explain truthfully, that he only went through with the murder to keep with his “badass” persona. Too afraid of breaking his character, he decided to follow through with the couple’s plan.

The sledgehammer Jason used to kill Dennis Abrahamsen. Source.

Written in sloppy slang and grammar, the following text messages between Jason and Amanda happened before the murder, and is verbatim.

Jason Andrews: I’m so glad you’re really commited to this take. Keep eyes for a knife, etc for me! You badass. Sunrise comes quick round here.

Amanda Logue: They are pakn up. I’m FUCKING exited. To fuck up someone God damnit I want to fiuck after we kill hum

Jason Andrews: Just get him on his face either bash or tell me to get in and. Where to go.

Amanda Logue: I’m going to start massage in a min. You woll hear

Jason Andrews: Have you seen the contents of the safe?

Amanda Logue: No

Jason Andrews: Just prepping. Ill W*it for your cal. From. Hdre.

Amanda Logue: K I’m horny! 1’m getting him to play music be quit wen come im Sorry not ready. Fixing get on tablke”

Amanda Logue: Ok starting massage. I got a bottle lqur to hit with you will hear when to come in or sneak in now and stand in the house

Jason Andrews: K

Amanda Logue: Come in

Amanda Logue: I opened front door

Quickie Postmortem

“I first struck the back of Mr. Abrahamsen very hard. I could feel the literal crushing of the back of his skull.” — Jason Andrews

Human blood is often said to be an aphrodisiac, at least according to vampire shows and movies. Whether it is true or not, the blood splashing on Amanda’s face quickly turned her on. Even the thought of it, “I want to fiuck after we kill hum” [sic], did it for her.

After several blows with the sledgehammer to the back of his head, Dennis Abrahamsen was surely finished; however, the killer pornstars had just begun.

Crime scene showing pool of blood. Source.

Using kitchen knives, both Amanda and Jason began penetrating the back of the corpse, “each time with a greater force than the last.” Jason alone stabbed the victim up to 80 times postmortem.

Now covered in blood and sweat, Amanda reached her peak. Leaning over the massage table where the body rested, she couldn’t take it anymore and the couple had sex.


Jason Andrews denied a trial and pleaded guilty to the murder of Dennis Abrahamsen. Somewhere, he found a bit of remorse and will now spend his life in a prison cell. Amanda Logue still blames Jason for everything, and refuses to take responsibility. She received forty years in prison and will be eligible for release in 2040.