Dark Story of Murder-Suicide of Transgendered Woman Mayang Prasetyo and Her Husband Marcus Volke

On Monday, September 29, 2014, a local Brisbane power company receives a call from Peter “Marcus” Volke, a renowned cruise ship chef, regarding his apartment’s fuse box being blown. Volke was cooking “pig’s broth” from what he told the electrician who had asked him about the putrid and “eye-watering” smell emanating from his apartment. The electrician would also report to local media sources that Volke’s apartment “squelched” beneath his feed.

Volke and Mayang apartment

Police arrived the following Saturday to the same apartment after being called many times about the putrid smell and reports of domestic arguing days before by neighbors. What police would catch Peter Volke doing red-handed will continue to shock Brisbane for years to come. Police entered the apartment threshold, interrupting Peter Volke cooking his wife’s remains on the stovetop. Some of his wife’s remains were also found in garbage bags lying on the apartment floor.

Volke and Mayang were a happy married couple.

Volke and his wife Mayang Prasetyo, an Indonesian transgendered woman and prostitute working in a local Australian brothel called the Pleasure Dome, once shared the apartment together. Mayang, actual name Febri Andriansyah, is originally from Denpasar, Indonesia where being a ‘Waria‘ (transgendered female) is a common practice by many of the natives.

Mayang swimsuit pic from her facebook page. Mayang swimsuit pic from her facebook page.

Only after the murder-suicide of Mayang Prasetyo would the members of both families see in the media that their children were not chefs, but prostitutes living double lives. Marcus, a one-time martial artist had also been seeing clients paying him $300-$500 per hour for his sexual services. Marcus Volke went by the alias Heath XL.

Marcus Volke collage photos.

When faced with police arrest, Volke fled the scene, hiding in a local recycling bin before slitting his own throat with the kitchen knife used to dismember his wife’s body.



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