Spree Killer & ‘666’ Branded Nikko Jenkins Murdered Four to Appease Ancient Egyptian Serpent God

Andrea Kruger, a 33-year-old mother of three, was found shot dead at a suburban intersection on 168th street just south of Fort Street in Omaha Nebraska on August 21, 2013.

Kruger was driving home from her bartending job at On The Rocks when she was carjacked, pulled out of her vehicle, and then executed point-blank range with a rifle.

Andrea was murdered tragically, leaving her three beautiful children, Jadyn, Ava, and Hartley and her husband Michael-Ryan.

Andrea Kruger was the last victim of Nikko Jenkins, a recently released felon, who killed four victims during a violent spree. Nikko’s other victims are Curtis Bradford, Jorge Ruiz, and Juan Pena.

Warren J. Levering, 51 and uncle of Nikko Jenkins, was also at the scene of the murder and took part fully.

Just weeks before the State released Nikko, he sent a diamond patterned letter to the circuit judge. Nikko penned this letter in cursive writing that connects one letter to the next and is difficult to find the starting point. They released him about three weeks after sending this letter. In this letter Jenkins talks about “chemistry of the mind and body, biochemicals, formulas, activities of the brain and pituitary glands, and surgically implanted devices.”

Since Nikko Jenkins was a child, he claims that he’s been hearing the voice of Apophis, an Ancient Egyptian snake god. This god, also referred to as Apep, commands him to kill, according to Nikko Jenkins. Dr. Tayo Obatusin MD, a court-appointed psychiatrist, claims that Jenkins is suffering from “schizoaffective disorder, bipolar, type, and personality disorders.” Dr. Obatusin continues by saying, “demons talk to him, torment him, tell him to cut himself, that he is the anti-christ, and talks to him while he’s in solitary confinement.”

Nikko Jenkins is known as a self-mutilator and had even sliced his own tongue and penis to resemble the Egyptian snake god Apep.


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