Spree Killer & ‘666’ Branded Nikko Jenkins Murdered Four to Appease Ancient Egyptian Serpent God

There are many people who question whether or not the United States prison system is suitable for rehabilitating criminals. Nikko Jenkins, a man convicted of a four-person killing spree, seems to be a good case against their ability to help them to live better lives. This particular killer was in jail for over ten years before he was eventually released, and almost immediately after being released, he killed four people quite suddenly. If ten years was not enough time to correct his behavior, either the system failed, or he was beyond repair as a person. In this case, we will discuss what made this possible.

nikko jenkins in courtroom
Nikko Jenkins was sentenced to death after killing 4 people in a 10 day murder spree.

A Troubled Beginning

Like many other notable killers, Nikko Jenkins had a rough start. Though relatively little is known about his home life as a child, we do know that he fell into crime at a very young age. He was first charged when he was only seven years old, a small elementary school student who got into trouble for taking a loaded gun to school. Evidence from group therapy settings shows us that children tend to get worse in groups of troubled youth, not better. Though it is unclear if this is what truly set Jenkins on a bad path or if he was always destined to follow one, Jenkins spent his life showing increasingly worse behavior.

Having been removed from his home, Jenkins was placed in a group home. This was a relatively short-lived experience because he was ultimately kicked out. Though there are no specific citings, we do know that his removal was based on excessive violence. He seemed to pose a risk to the other people and kids around him. When he was only thirteen years old, Jenkins found himself in a complete life of crime. He had carried out a series of insults, including weapons, and seemed well on his way to continue escalating. Before he had even reached eighteen, he was put into a youth detention center for his role in multiple armed carjackings.

A Violent Adult

Nikki Jenkins was no stranger to violence or imprisonment, so it comes as no surprise that he continued these patterns behind bars. He was known to play an extreme role in a prison riot, which earned him extra time on an already long sentence. Seemingly undeterred, Jenkins’ bad behavior. He was surprisingly granted a furlough for a relative’s funeral and used this opportunity to assault a prison guard. More shockingly, he was released after only serving half of his sentence. Anything but rehabilitated, Jenkins was turned loose on the streets immediately.

nikko jenkins confesses to killings interrogation
Nikko Jenkins started his crime career at the age of 7 years old when he was arrested for bringing a loaded gun to school.

The Killings

Upon release, Jenkins killed four people. One individual, Curtis Bradford, was a known friend of Jenkins. It is completely unclear what sparked this murder, but his body was found with multiple gunshot wounds in the back. The other victims did not know Jenkins, and there are currently no known reasons for the killings. One was Andrea Kruger, a local bartender who was found shot in a similar way. The other two victims were the first ones found and included Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz. Supposedly, these two were lured to a location with the promise of meeting attractive women. Ultimately, both men were shot and robbed.

nikko jenkins murder victims
Nobody but Nikko Jenkins knows what sparked his murder spree, but he has retained his innocence and only confessing after the courts arrested his mother for supplying him the ammunition.

The Serpent God

Jenkins was quickly identified as the killer and charged for his crimes, which is where things get very strange. In what was deemed an attempt at an insanity plea, Jenkins reportedly told the police that he killed the victims to appease an Egyptian Serpent God. Following protocol, Jenkins was evaluated due to his claims of hearing voices and self-diagnosis of several mental disorders. The doctors determined that he did not have any of those conditions and concluded that he was faking psychosis, likely in an attempt to dodge the death penalty. In a last-ditch effort, Jenkins attempted to sue the prison, claiming that they had released him while knowing that he heard voices.

nikko jenkins serpent god
Jenkins attempted an insanity plea stating that he only killed to appease an Egyptian Serpent God. Doctors who were assigned to profile Jenkins found that he has no underlying mental conditions.

Anyone Can Find Love

Upon conviction, Jenkins was sentenced to the death penalty. Despite this, he, like many other problematic killers, has attracted some rather concerning attention. Despite the fact that his ex-girlfriend was later convicted for playing a role in shootings alongside him, a new woman, Dawn Arguello, is reportedly in love with him. She has made plans to marry him, even as he sits on death row, and maintains that he is not evil like the media portrays him. She describes him as “very intelligent” and “an enigma” which is similar to the kind of fawning language that many others in her position have used for criminal lovers. Fortunately, he will be kept from the public and hopefully unable to commit further crimes.


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