The Unspeakable Killing of Seath Jackson

The Unspeakable Killing of Seath Jackson

Honeypot: or hon·ey pot [ huhn-ee-pot ]
Noun: a person or thing that acts as a lure or decoy in a trap, scam, or scheme.
Slang: Vulgar. the vagina. —

Seath Tyler Jackson was tortured and killed by his ex-girlfriend’s ‘fling’, with her assistance.

Both Amber Wright, 15, and Seath Jackson, 15, had just ended a difficult breakup in 2011, before Amber started dating Michael Bargo, Seath’s rival. The two boys despised each other, which Wright used to her own advantages.

Facebook comments between Seath and Amber Wright. Source.

On April 17, 2011, in Summerfield, Florida, Amber sent text messages to her former boyfriend, inviting him to meet her at the home of her friend Charlie Ely (an 18-year-old female with a husband in prison) with the intention of attempting to ‘reconcile’. It should be noted that what Amber really wanted was to lure Seath into a trap — a honeypot — so that he can be killed.

WFTV spoke with Jeremy Williams, a close friend of Jackson’s, regarding the constant text messages sent, “She was calling and texting and telling him she wanted to get back with him,” Williams said.

Amber’s text messages were instrumental in getting Seath to the location where he was killed. Without her involvement, Seath would not have fallen into the trap that led to his death.

Text exchanges between Seath and Amber Wright

Wright to Jackson: Hey can yuu tlk? (Sent 8:12 p.m.)
Jackson to Wright: You sed you needed to talk
Wright to Jackson: Well I kinda need to tlk to yuu aboiut us working
things out?
Jackson to Wright: What you mean
Wright to Jackson: Can yuu plz call me like now
Jackson to Wright: Yeah sher.
Wright to Jackson: Hey my friend Charlie is coming wit I’v been telling her everything between me and yuu and shes coming bc i need her to help through this. Is that okay? But don tell any body whats going on bc i wanna make sure we can work things out before anyone knows
Jackson to Wright: Amber if you have me jumpt I will never give you
Wright to Jackson: I swear your not seath. I could never do that to yuu. I just want yuu and me back
Jackson to Wright: Ok
Wright to Jackson: Im walking up the hill now. (Sent at 9:00 p.m.)
Wright to Jackson: I am at the neighborhood road. Where are yuu?
Jackson to Wright: Srry I didint wunt will to here me but stay around the courner wher me and you fot just wait rite ther il be ther in a minit

Wright was supposed to text Bargo and Hooper at this time so they could “get ready” but did not.


When Seath arrived, he found Amber, Charlie, and Amber’s new boyfriend Michael Bargo waiting for him. Additionally, Justin Soto, a mutual friend, and Amber’s stepbrother Kyle Hooper were also involved in the plot.

“From Bargo’s bedroom, Hooper could see Jackson sitting in the chair in the living room and, after being pressured by Bargo, Hooper grabbed a piece of wood, ran into the living room, and hit Jackson over the head with it.” — Michael Shane Bargo, Jr v State of Florida (appeal),

Seath arrived at the location, under the assumption that he would only meet Amber. Instead, he was attacked by Michael, Justin, and Kyle.

“He was beaten in the head with a wooden object; it may have been an ax handle. He was shot once, he was able to break free, he was tackled and he was shot once again. “He was dragged into the bathroom where he was beaten some more and shot once again,” Cochran said.” said Judge Cochran of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

They beat Seath until Michael pulled out a gun and shot him once. When Seath attempted to escape, Michael shot him again.


The perpetrators took Seath’s body to the bathtub and Michael shot him again. The teens then broke Seath’s knees and placed his body into a sleeping bag.

“He was dragged into the bathroom where he was beaten some more and shot once again,” Cochran said.” said Judge Cochran of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Michael Bargo wanted Seath to “still be alive when he was placed into the bathtub so Jackson would know who was killing him.”

Bargo also told a friend that they placed Jackson’s body in a sleeping bag and burned it, but that the body did not burn all the way — teeth were still in his skull so Bargo “took pliers and pulled his teeth out one by one. — Michael Shane Bargo, Jr v State of Florida (appeal).


Two days after Seath’s death, Amber’s mother informed the police about Kyle’s knowledge regarding the disappearance of the teenager. Upon arriving at the Wright household, the authorities encountered Amber, Kyle, Charlie, and Mrs. Wright.

At first, Amber claimed that Seath appeared unexpectedly at Charlie’s home on the day of the incident. She stated that Kyle was the one who initiated the attack, and she and Charlie fled to a bedroom and hid there until morning.

Detectives also questioned Kyle in a separate room about his involvement in Seath’s death. Kyle confessed to killing Seath and implicated the other individuals involved, including James Haven III.

James Young Havens III, 37, was charged with accessory.

Deputies said Havens was aware of the plan to kill Jackson and that he assisted in disposing of the remains. He also gave Bargo a ride to the city of Starke in an effort to avoid being caught, deputies said.

Upon returning to Amber’s room, Detectives informed her of Kyle’s confession. Amber responded by stating, “I’m gonna tell you the truth,” and proceeded to admit her own involvement in the murder. She was then arrested and taken into custody.


Amber Wright, Michael Bargo, Charlie Ely, Justin Soto, Kyle Hooper, and James Haven III all faced trial for their involvement in the murder of Seath Jackson. The trial was a highly publicized event, and the outcome had significant consequences for all involved.

Amber Wright, who was 15 years old at the time of the murder, was charged as an adult and was also found guilty of first-degree murder. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. In addition to the six individuals who were involved in the murder, James Haven III, who was not present at the time of the killing, was also charged and convicted for his role in the conspiracy to commit murder.

James was sentenced to twenty years in prison, with credit for the time he had already served. He was released on parole in 2018, after serving 7 years.

Michael Bargo, the mastermind behind the murder, is the youngest inmate on Florida’s death row.

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