Dave Tuck Interrogation (Raw Footage)

Dave and Cathie Tuck, the co-founders of the Peterborough Huskies, a special needs hockey team in Ontario, Canada, were acquitted of charges of defrauding the team in September 2021. The couple had been accused of misappropriating funds raised by the team for personal use.

According to the Peterborough Examiner article, the charges against the Tucks stemmed from an investigation by the Peterborough Police Service, which alleged that the couple had used team funds for personal expenses, such as travel and entertainment, and had failed to properly account for the money raised by the team.

The Tucks had denied the allegations and maintained that they had acted in the best interests of the team at all times. They also argued that the charges were politically motivated, and that they had been targeted due to their outspoken criticism of local politicians and government officials.

After a three-week trial, a judge found the Tucks not guilty of the charges, citing a lack of evidence and noting that the prosecution had not been able to establish that the couple had acted dishonestly or with criminal intent. The verdict was a relief for the Tucks and the Peterborough Huskies community, who had been deeply affected by the allegations and the subsequent trial.

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