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Raymond McCann Interrogation (Part 1) (Raw Footage)

After being locked up for 20 months for a crime he did not commit, Raymond McCann II is finally exonerated. In 2007, McCann, who was a reserve police officer in Constantine, was implicated in the murder of 11-year-old Jodi Parrack. Police detectives repeatedly lied to him during 20 interrogations and eventually charged him with perjury. During the trial, McCann's sister-in-law and Jodi's mother urged him to come clean, leading to his conviction. After his release, he lost everything he had, including his family, job, and assets, and was brutally attacked in prison.

Despite Daniel Furlong confessing to Jodi's murder, McCann was not released until Target 8's investigation revealed the flaws in the evidence used to convict him. After the video evidence used against him was found to be another lie, the prosecutor agreed to overturn the conviction. McCann, now working at a factory job and trying to get back on his feet, hopes to find a place to live and move on from his traumatic experience.

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