Stephen Port Interrogation (Raw Footage)

Stephen Port was a British convicted serial rapist and killer who was found guilty of drugging, raping, and murdering four young men, and committing several other sexual offences, in London between 2014 and 2015. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in November 2016. Port had lured his victims to his flat through the dating app Grindr, where he would drug them with GHB, sexually assault them, and in some cases, kill them.

Despite complaints from victims' families and friends, the police initially did not treat the deaths as suspicious, leading to criticism of their handling of the case. Port was also found guilty of 10 sexual offences against eight other victims, whom he had similarly drugged but not killed. The case prompted a review of the police handling of the case, resulting in a report that criticized the police for "missed opportunities" and "institutional homophobia".